Post #7

One of the really powerful effects of market analysis is that it allows for a more tailored marketing strategy. Being able to clearly define the wants and needs of a target audience or the motivating factors that lead to their taking action is vital part of any marketing plan. The research involved in order to create positive momentum for a brand is extensive, and in this course, I learned a lot about the steps that went into not only creating a marketing plan but also the various types of analysis that can be performed.

 I really enjoyed the act of creating infographics and doing competitor analysis. It is very helpful to know where others within a market are positioned prior to entry. The infographics were a great way to present results in an easily digestible format. It was impressive how well received the infographics were by my clients, who have no marketing experience. They allowed me to show them rather than just tell them, and I think this led to a higher rate of understanding and buy-in.

 Moving forward, I know that I will definitely use the techniques and tools gained from my inquiry into marketing analysis for clients in the future. I think that being able to create and conduct surveys for clients can bring a lot more understanding to them of the importance behind their message and branding. In order to truly be a consultant, these are the tools that will help to set my business apart from them just letting “someone they know handle the marketing.”

 Being able to provide powerful services and insights bring much-needed value to my offerings. I will continue to refine these skill sets. I know that implementing SWOT Analysis, being able to properly draft a marketing plan, and knowing how to plan primary and secondary research are extremely useful skills that are necessary in today’s marketplace.