Media Relations

Understanding media relations is a vital component to any applicable media strategy. Being able to connect with both nontraditional and traditional media channels makes all the difference for clients when you are trying to share their message with the world. In order to achieve PR goals, it is important to not overlook opportunities to address both crises and compliments effectively to help build consumer trust in a brand at the same time as you build brand awareness and achieve PR goals.

The Media Relations course helped me to better understand the different needs that journalists from various media outlets require. Being able to write different introductory messages, draft a PSA, and discern influencers worth connecting my clients with was an invaluable experience. As I continue on my PR journey, I’ll now be able to more efficiently create strategies for campaigns that cover both positive and negative interactions across a variety of mediums.

Working on a PSA in particular was interesting because I’ve drafted multiple PSAs for a mulit-million dollar international firm in the past. However, now I have a unique and creative way to approach the drafting of PSAs that will be attractive to the audience who views them. I also now have a tried and true methodology for finding and filtering out the potential influencers who will help me bring my clients’ dreams to fruition. 

Once of the most important lessons the course teaches, is to value different mediums for what they are. Each medium brings unique opportunities and has elements that are special to that format. Leveraging those special elements to their fullest creates opportunities to strengthen the connection that potential customers have or will have with the brand.