ROI: Shaking Up the Market with A Clear Strategy and Swift Execution

There is a poem that I love by Charles Baudelaire called “Always Be Drunk.” The main line of the poem says that one should “Always be drunk, on wine, poetry, virtue, whatever.” Understanding how to efficiently track metrics and optimize the results of social media campaigns is a skillset that is as influential for business success as it is intoxicating for me as a PR professional. Being able to build strategies and monitor the growth of my clients’ brands brings a unique form of elation that is almost indescribable. 

When I realized that there was a class dealing with the return on investment (ROI), I immediately had images of those YouTube ads with someone showing off a stack of money, a fancy car, massive mansion, or other jet-setter lifestyle image. Those ads always come with a promise of how to become a millionaire.  

My original expectations were to learn about how to measure ROI accurately, create strategies for increasing ROI, and knowing how to find tools to support efforts around increasing ROI. This month I learned all of these things and more. There was a lot of technical jargon that was important in order to understand how to create accurate metrics or even SMART goals such as learning about KPIs, how (and why) to calculate a net promoter score (NPS), and being able to analyze Google Analytics to better understand to flow of leads that convert and where they really come from and even how to figure out the bounce rate for a website.  

As I move forward and help clients to improve their social media campaigns, strengthen their brands, and set goals for their companies, I will use these tools to better serve their needs and to increase user engagement. Google Analytics alone is such a powerful tool that can help to track the success of campaigns. That will help to modify strategies and approaches in real time for heightened impact when attempting to build influence in a market. 


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