The Final Class

It’s hard to imagine that the time I’ve spent at Full Sail is coming to an end. I remember how hesitant I was to start my digital cinematography degree program years ago. However, as the years passed and class after class came and went, I found myself finding a lot of fulfillment in knowing that I was working diligently towards my goals for the future that I wanted to create for myself. 

When the time came and I started the Master’s in Public Relations program, I knew that I had the ambition and work ethic required to see it through to the end, but I wasn’t sure what that journey would look like. The PBR 699 class with Dr. Dobry was my final project and thesis course and it synthesized everything that the mastery program had taught me up until that point. So, this course helped me to see the progress that I’ve made in being able to differentiate between various public relations theories, analyze, and report the findings of both my year of research and capstone project.

I was surprised by the amount of research I had to do in order to support my study. It was also surprising that the information I gained was able to be so fully applied to not only my thesis, but it also greatly improved various parts of my website. I think that the about me section and social media bios in general are significantly improved now. 

Overall, my largest takeaway from this course was the work that we did to prepare resumés and professional bios. Being able to professionally represent myself will be invaluable as I move forward with my career. Building industry connections and professional networks, in part through my website, will help me in developing key resources and presenting my best work, professionally, to the world.