Online Media Rooms – An Important Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece

Learning more about the benefits of and strategies for composing an effective online media room was a powerful addition to my PR skillset. I was surprised how much more nuanced integrating online media assets in a way that could support public relations strategies was. Initially, I hadn’t thought that things like, having a single primary page and maintaining press releases and data were things that I had to consider. 

The The PBR 640 class was a course that focused on the online media room (OMR) course and was quite dynamic. One of the pieces of information that really helped me in the course was the David Meerman Scott article on OMR best practices. I was surprised when he pointed out that OMR pages are among the most highly trafficked pages on a company’s website (Meerman Scott, 2005). However, once I really understood the power that applying the best non-text content could have (video clips images, and even charts and audio bites), it really helped me to improve my creation of an online media room.

I’m looking forward to being able to refine my application of the best practices to future OMRs that I help to create. I’ve learned that it is vital to remember to maintain a consistent voice and tone for the client on the OMR just as much as it is to present clear calls-to-action and an effective layout. Information that isn’t understood or that can’t be easily found is of little value. However, when a prospective journalist can easily find case studies, company reports, and information on the company leadership, the OMR becomes an invaluable resource. Similarly, when prospective clients can join RSS feeds/newsletter mailing lists, see what current events are taking place, review the accolades that have been earned, and peruse various media that have been created (videos, images, etc.), it helps to create and maintain a sense of community.

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