Physical and Digital Events

Sometimes, it’s the things that we think we know the most about, which are lacking in refinement. I really thought that I had a good understanding of how to plan events and with regard to what it takes to successfully host at a venue. I’ve done it for multiple jobs in my past. Yet, when I had to take on all of the aspects of event planning as an individual, rather than having pre-selected tasks and being part of a team, I learned quite a lot

The PBR class was challenging in a way that definitely helped me to expand my skillset. I really enjoyed it. The event planning that we did showed me how many minute details can easily be overlooked when planning an event. Will I need a projector? If so, will the lighting be amenable to using one? How many back-up bulbs do I have? What if the power goes out? Will I have notes and handouts ready?

 I learned the importance of viewing the event both as a guest and as a host to ensure that everything was accounted for. While you can’t plan for absolutely everything, you can maximize your chances for success by being diligent in the planning process. However, the most helpful assignment was certainly the webinar.

Being able to plan and execute a webinar was something I never thought about doing. However, it’s a great way for me to place content on my website that will help establish me as an expert in the field. It’s also an excellent way to share content with my audience long term, that they’ll find useful at some point in the future. I will definitely make use of webinars in the future.Being able to create themed events and content to help build the interest of my clients is an invaluable asset to my toolbox of ever-expanding skills. Digital media is a powerful counterpart to my efforts. 

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