Post #4: PR in a Digital World

Learning about PR in a digital world was an interesting experience. I most enjoyed being able to create the final PSA. I think that understanding how to build traction and increase awareness for causes that I think are worthwhile is an invaluable skill to have. Such knowledge will prove very useful when working with other professionals in any organization. 

The Mashable article on developing a social media plan in 5 steps was quite helpful too (Uhrmacher 2008). The tools offered in the article were very useful. I also liked that there was feedback on how to engage with other bloggers and businesses through their social media outlets. The example from Blendtec showed the power that such interactions can have.

Further understanding the concept of branding was very important too. Specifically, I appreciated the information shared about digital branding. There are unique challenges that are specific to attempting to create a successful brand in the digital world. Being able to develop social media strategies to help successfully launch my own brand is a powerful skillset to have.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this article was the importance of measuring the impact or success of my efforts. Even if a campaign isn’t “successful” at face value, there is a lot of useful information that can be gleaned. Making sure to learn something about the customers, audience, business, tools, brand, or approach, allows for improved future efforts. 

Overall, there are a lot of benefits to be had from having an active role in social media. The key is to have a clear plan and to be willing to make necessary changes to that plan as the social media landscape evolves. I feel far better prepared for undertaking this journey as a PR professional now that I have a solid understanding of how to adequately apply social media, branding, and campaign measurement to my current skillset.